by df taylor

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I had all these weird little songs I'd written and never found a home for. So I recorded them in a weird way and now they're here for you to listen to.


released June 26, 2014

Written and performed by David Taylor. Recorded by Sam Smith at Green Door Studios in Glasgow, live onto tape before I undid all his lovely retro work with drum machines, samples and Guitar Rig 4.

Lots of people influenced the arrangements and songs, but special thanks to Jamie Robb and Kenny Cassells.



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df taylor Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Lie/deny
Well I've been feeling unwell, since I've been all by myself
And I'm no stranger to how the darkness fell
Or what emptiness dwells over our motel
Yeah I'm no saviour and I ain't asking for help

You can say what you want, just don't lie
You can say what you want, don't deny it

Don't call this a sin after inviting me in, I'm no angel after my fifth gin
We got no lies to sell, if you don't ask I won't tell
How I deny my failure
To be alone by myself

Close your eyes, shutter the blinds
Don't let anyone see that I'm lonely tonight
Let the darkness cover me and let it share my lies
Just say you won't leave from my side

But whatever I said, I ain't asking for help.
Track Name: To be with you
We woke up at first light
With the ocean filling my sight
And all I wanted was to be back
Last night with you
I know just what you'll say
As the rhythm of your kisses fills my head
That maybe we should have been friends first
And all along I knew

And you know I was thinking it through
How the beer felt so cool
And the sun was dancing on my arms
All I want is to be with you

Hold on to the sway
Feel the passion of the waves
Let me take you for one night
So we can dance it all our lives
And you can be mine.
Track Name: The dark and the trees
She watched the sun go down
For a moment she lay still on the ground
As the light slowly drowned
She watched the moon cast shapes
On the silk of her blouse, till silver light remained
Then she heard the darkness say

"Bleed for your desire or let your will grown strong
Deny who you are or be where you belong
Let the tingling rain beckon you on
To the dark and the trees and that lonely song"

The darkness seemed to breathe
She heard the scuttle of wings and the chatter of teeth
As the ground moved under her feet
"You can never leave," said a voice thick with grief
And it whispered into her ears,
"Feel no fear"

Did you ever think you'd find what you had lost
Swinging in the trees, skin covered in moss?
There's no salvation here in cradling that cross
As the melody repeats the sound of your loss

Return to me
The feel of your skin
Let me bleed for his sins
Return the light to me
Let his pulse restart
From under the leaves let me warm his heart
Track Name: Ache
You were feeling frail cause something wasn't right
And I can't break this silence beyond a sigh
Cause when you'd come along, something inside me blazed
But now your gone, it's like my soul's been razed

Oh you played your part
I'm gonna fall whoever you are
Gonna fall into your arms

I suppose you've gone and had a change of heart
Or did it feel this way at the start
When we were lying in the dark?
I know we've both got scars, but I'm the one who's left with a mark
And you're safe from harm
When the aching starts

We're not the same though we're both broken inside
You share your pain, but it's just an alibi
Cause sometimes the fear's so strong, you need a place to hide
You know for you I'm wrong, but you kept me by your side

Until the words got too hard
And you swallowed my heart
Just to play your part

Yeah you played your part
You knew I'd fall from the start
So you stalled and pulled me apart.
Track Name: Summer Street
My heart is skipping beats
When I see the message you sent to me
"Meet me down at Mary's Place,
You know the bar off Summer Street?"
I check my look in the mirror again
Think of a reply to send
Take a cab to where I want to be
To that bar off Summer Street

All the lights turn from red to green
These autumn nights just disappear
But being with you makes tonight complete
All the way down off Summer Street

Maybe tonight we'll be more than just friends
It's that potential we don't want to end
The rum on your lips tastes so sweet
In this bar off Summer Street

Let it take hold now
Before it's time to go
Maybe you can show me how
Not to be alone

Sometimes want starts to feel like need
Till these wounds just start to bleed
But the bandages form when you're kissing me
In this bar off Summer Street
Tell me if I can see you again
All I need to know is when
We both know where we'll meet
In this bar off Summer Street

I'm so alive and I know
We can take it slow
But every Friday we'll just meet
Down in this bar off Summer Street.
Track Name: Open Roads
Don't throw your life away
On something you didn't want
Every night you followed the signs
Disguised what you though
When we started on this road
We could have gone anywhere
But as the lights passed by last night
They exposed such despair

Cause you've spent your life being unsure
If you only want it cause it's not yours
Or if your heart is the same as your thoughts
You're just not sure

If you should live your life or live alone
Where will you go?
Don't stay too long or leave too slow
Where will you go on these open roads?

Please don't say it's what you want
Cause you know you're just afraid
That if we turn off these roads
We might burst into flames
You've been driving all this time
Scared of where you want to go
But now it's time to turn on the light
Cause you aren't going home

Cause you've spent your life being unsure
If you only want it cause it's not yours
But tonight the sky is bright azure
And it's all out there for you

These open roads stretch through the dark
You know the changes will never stop
Please let go of your heart
And choose the life you want

Cause your whole life you've been unsure
If you'll just lose the things you want to be yours
That's not to say that won't come true
But you've got to choose.